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Home, Sweet Home

April 6, 2010

Am finally back from Sydney.

It was so much fun! Much better than the last time I was there. Definitely would want to go again. We stayed at a friend’s house; it was ultra-cool and modern. Had a great city view and very amusing to hear the drunks (badly!) singing Lady Gaga.

The restaurants were delicious (not as good as Melbourne though ;)) Would highly recommend Essenza Italian in Surry Hills. It was Earth Hour so we sat in the courtyard, eating by candlelight. It was very sweet. I was so stuffed; no room left for dessert, which was a shame.

sunset from mrs macquarie’s chair

I don’t know about sitting there everyday watching the ships come in, but the view is definitely to-die-for.

outfit post?

Was definitely not expecting the ocean spray (you can see it in the bottom left). I actually got quite wet, but it was a-ok as it was so sunny. Just look at that sky! So, no, this isn’t some random pose, but it works well since my face is obscured. And, no, that is NOT my hat.

the utzon room

I loved this painting. Gorgeous. Huge. Colourful. I want this in my room!

holiday nails

Holidays are the only time I get to paint my nails. It was actually a darker purple and my toenails were blue. In case you were wondering, the white fluffy stuff is seat covering in the car; I was bored.

stairs of death @ blue moutains

This is a picture taken facing straight down. V. v. v. STEEP! I didn’t go down due to lack of time and fear of not being able to get up again. (More so the latter than the former).

three sisters view

Simply breathtaking. I was honestly expecting something like Mt. Dandenong so was pleasantly surprised. It was totally worth the one-and-a-half hour drive.

darling harbour night

Look at those pretty lights. Mesmerising.

That’s it folks! My holiday. Now, it’s hardcore homeworking and studying before the school term starts again. Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. Feel free to comment!

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