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Going on an Adventure

March 26, 2010

I’m going to SYDNEY today!

the harbour city

I am so excited; have not been since I was in Grade 3. My memory of Sydney is quite vague and not very positive. My parents decided that going on a tour bus was the best way to go about the holiday. And so, we all packed into the bus for that long 10 hour trip. Of course, we stopped at all the little towns and Canberra, but it had been before I discovered travel sickness pills and I felt like crap the whole trip.

Like all tour trips (in my opinion) we spent way too long at the boring places, way too long at toilet stops and way too little time at the important places. So, here’s for hoping this trip rectifies our nation’s biggest city.

My mum and I are going by plane. I plan to look over my English books, revise my Latin and memorise my Chinese at the airport. Yep. That’s sooo likely to happen – please note the sarcasm. I’m more likely to be one of the countless people swarming around the magazine stack; love airports and their international glossies. But oh! The prices! I’ll also be the strange girl taking photos of airports and planes like a tourist even though it’s my hometown.

However, I am aiming to be somewhat productive – I have heaps of homework for the holidays but still want to go out and have fun. To quote a friend: “This holiday will be like a study-release period on steroids.”

I’m told the trip will be around 1 1/2 hours; beats that stuffy hellish 10 hour trip from last time any day. I even did some research! (Not really. It was on the front page of my daily news browsing.) I’m glad to know that panicking and “rummaging through your carry-on to spare your iPhone” is “frowned upon”. (Not that I have one.) Worried that “Planes routinely crash by running out of fuel”. Does the word ‘routinely’ set your heart racing? But luckily, I have a 99.9999815% chance of survival. Wonderful! For more.

I promise to update if I can get onto a computer and lots of photos when I come back.

❤ Elle

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