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March 24, 2010

Welcome to my blog. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

To be honest, I’m completely lost-in-the-woods about starting this blog. I have an idea for the middle, but there is no beginning to this story yet. Then again, I’ve always found starting something new to be the hardest. Afterwards, it’s just about the momentum; clinging onto the pendulum as it swings, giving it a push now and then.

The biggest thing about starting is all the choices. Sometimes, things are actually easier when we are forced down the one-way track. There are no decisions to be made, no threat of failure for taking the wrong route – there is always someone else to blame. But, as human beings, we naturally yearn to make our own decision, to be independent, to be able to think for oneself.

Back to the blog… What should I name it? What will my theme be? Even, what will my username be? So many questions, so many decisions.

For me, finding a name proved to be a mighty challenge. Should I be personal and involve my name, hip and cool with some foreign word or find a catchphrase to sum up my life? In the end, I just strung together my favourite words: whimsical and pretentious. After all, this blog is about all I love and treasure.

So, I hope you guys stick around and join me for this ride (as cliche as that is).

Fashion, art, life, writings, issues and more await.

❤ Elle

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